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Haven't updated my blog in a while, cause there just hasn't been to much to say. See, this is the point where a boring life starts losing its charm. Geez, in 12th I would have killed for some free time. We would wait so desperately for vacations, and when vacations would come, there would always be stuff lagging over from school that we had to complete. And now? Now, I'm just desperate for college to start. The fact that these vacations were extremely long probably just contributed to the boredom: in India the academic year ends early and starts early; in America, they end late and start late. Since I'm going from India to America, my vacation this year started earlier (I also didn't have to give all the engineering competition exams like my classmates) and will end late. And I haven't really done anything productive since the end of March apart from publishing the school's fat annual magazine and watching movies that I missed out upon over the past two years.

Btw, I saw 'Golmaal' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest' yesterday. And Pirates of the Caribbean sucked big time. Whenever I take Mom n Dad for some English movie, the movie turns out to be really pathetic. And now they either think I have really bad taste or that English movies are horrible by nature :P . I am also updating my phone directory before I leave. That basically means calling everybody up (everybody!) and asking them things like their postal address, email ids, messenger ids, Birthday, etc. So if you know me, and I still haven't called you, please email me these details at ankit.webmaster@gmail.com .

By now you're probably wondering why I told you not to read this posting... I mean, its just a stupid, not-at-all-interesting waste of time! I agree and that's why I told you not to read it dumbo.

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