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On the 14th, that is the day before yesterday, I was supposed to go for a movie with Aparajit and Aneesh, one last time before Appa was to leave for Patna today. And, though Appa is to join Amity Biotech, he would come to Delhi back on the 21st of August, a day after I leave for America. Unfortunately, in comes an aunty, to our house at 11am, to talk to Mo -- and while aunty talked to Mom, I was supposed to stick around at home with her son. Aunty left at 6pm! I will not elaborate my feelings then, but to cut a long story short, I could not go. I had hoped I would be able to meet him yesterday.

Yesterday=Saturday. Saturday=Dad stays at home.
Dad stays at home=Dad wants to spend weekends with me (listening to recorded economics lectures, academic discussions and "quality family time") before I go in a month.
Dad stays at home+Dad wants to spend time with me=I stay at home.
I stay at home => I can't go out with Appa for the day.

Basically, Dad and I got into a little (understatement) quarrel over me going out. And after a heated "discussion" we went into Hmph mode. Hmph mode as in "Hmph! I'm not going to talk to you" mode. We finally reached some sort of a patch-up in hte evening. As a result, a routine now has been set-up for the weekdays which I'm supposed to follow (don't dare ask about the week-ends!).
Get-up at 6:45am. 7-9 with Dad before he leaves for office. Now between 10-3 I have to study Maths for 2 hours and something else (which will be decided in the 7-9 period) for 1 hour. 3-5 free time/blogging time. 5-7:30 go out to play. 7:30-11 with Dad. (No more late night surfing/chatting for me :( )
Poor Afzal called me up at my home number right in the midst of our discussion. Unfortunately for him, my parents picked up, and assuming he was also part of our plan to go out, gave him a "stern", "why are you troubling Ankit" warning (they appologized to him later).
Ultimately, I did go to meet Appa yesterday evening for two hours (he was staying at Aneesh's). The only good that did come out of yesterday was perhaps that Appa said he would try to come to Delhi by the 10th or 15th of August so that he could meet be before I leave.

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