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It's not till you start throwing something away that you realize its value.
With our old AIWA deck falling apart, Dad decided to get a new music system. Not having had a good experience with AIWA it was quickly determined that we would go only for Sony (we had bought the AIWA system before the AIWA company was bought over by Sony). Mom then raised the possibility of exchanging our AIWA deck for a discount. Suddenly, I found my eyes filling with tears for our deceased deck (note: slight exaggeration).

So I decided to try to put the deck to some good use. First, I went over what was wrong with the old system: Chews up cassettes, CD changer not revolving, no DVD/MP3 capabilities, and radio not working since we left the antenna back in Patna when we moved. A small screw driver and two hours of time proved to be enough to fix the CD changer. An old wire cut, slit and slightly modified proved to work decently enough as an antenna. Cassettes though, still don't work, and MP3s don't play. Since most of our songs are mp3s, we went ahead and bought a touch-screen Sony AZ deck which can read mp3s right off a pen-drive and can be connected to a computer through a USB wire.

As for the old AIWA system, I convinced my parents not to sell it, and moved it into my room. With the proper wire from Pallika bazaar, I connected its auxillary input to the PC in my room and presto: 1500W speakers for my computer! The picture on the left shows the set-up. Since the deck's radio now works, I have started listening to FM a lot (I am thoroughly bored with the MTech/7Heaven developers ad on radio, and if you agree please drop a comment). The wire you see hanging on the wall is the new antenna for the radio.

Now this is recycling!

i agree. i am so tired of that Amitabh Bachan voice advertising M Tech developers. half of the ads on 91 seem to be of MTech.

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