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All of my RKP friends have already left Delhi for their colleges. :(

Had a talk with Abhinav Sinha two days ago on the phone. (I was with Abhinav in DPS Patna till 10th, after which he left for Goa with his Mom.) Now, he's in NIT Trichy, Tamil Nadu studying computer engineering. He seemed pretty frustrated with the food there -- breakfast is bread, butter and sambhar-vada; or bread, jam and sambhar-vada; while lunch consists of rice, dal, rasam (type of thin dal), and one boiled-type vegetable. Basically, he misses north Indian food. Poor him. He also seemed pretty disappointed with the south-indian girls -- according to him, most of the girls there know no Hindi and have mushtashes! :P . Girls also seemed to be weighing down Aneesh's mind the other day: I asked him before he left for college, what he was most anxious about, expecting some reply about missing his family or friends. Instead he answered, "yaar, i wonder what the sex ratio in class will be like -- after all, in BITS Pilani, there are only two girls' hostels and ten boys' hostels!"

Now that EVERYONE's gone or joined college, I've really started to miss my good friends. Really badly :(( Wonder how I'll survive in Duke...there I'll miss my parents too! Feeling lonely at home, I called up some hostlers including Afzal, Vinit, Aparajit. Vinit's joining electronics at NSIT, and will reach Delhi by the 1st of August, while Afzal's dropping and taking coaching here in Delhi at Kalusarai. I talked to Dad today, and decided that I'll try to get everything out of the way by the 10th, so I can meet all those who are in Delhi (those who've joined DU, and those who're dropping a year and are @ Kalusarai) before I leave.

ok so now u don't even consider me ur frined casue i'm in delhi and u say ll of us have left..

what the fuck are you taling about?? i said

(a) "have left for college"
and (b) "Now that EVERYONE's gone or joined college"

you have joined college haven't you?

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