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Net Humor

MTNL Delhi lifted the ban yesterday and now I can access my blog via http://heyankit.blogspot.com instead of through some foreign proxy. Aneesh informed me though that Sify still hasn't lifted the ban and he still has to visit my site via http://heyankit.tk or http://ankit.speaksup.com

Anyways, I came across this really funny video by google on how Boing Boing (the world's most popular blog) got blocked in many countries:
(Click on image above; video will open in new window)

And here are two really really humorous (must must see) videos, in which an Alaskan senator explains what the internet is. As a fellow member of BloggersCollective puts it: "Wait till you hear the great senator from Alaska, Ted Stevens, head of the Senate Commerce Committee, a position in which he regulates e-commerce [and the net] in the US, explain the internet to you...You could just search for Ted Stevens on youtube and find atleast 4 different clips about Ted's interpretation of the internet. We don't need to be ashamed of our Laloos, Yechuris and other assortment of dingleberries." The TWO videos:

(Click on images above; videos will open in new windows)

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