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Mixed Reactions

(note: the following post refers to the blog's old ocean template)

Oh K, so this is my blog's new ocean design. I like it: it's calm, serene and professional.

But it has definately provoked many mixed reactions:

your new template is............is......is.........is............shit.

Your new template looks pretty much plain. Although it gives one a sense of calmness and coolness, yet it somehow it lacks the sense of excitement which drives one to read on. I am not criticizing! It is just my own personal opinion.

your blog looks awesome, much better that previous one

it's nice. but it's girlish. but it's nice. [by a girl]

it's good. but the previous one was not bad either. this one just might not suit the humor of your blog.

i like the new design more... very peppy. it's kinda cooling considering delhi weather.

Thanks for the critisism people, and please do leave some comments, especially covering things like,
>Looks - Doesn't suit the humor of your blog. Or, No I like it. It's cooool.
>Jokes - I liked the funtoosh random joke. What happened to that. Or, No I'm glad you removed it.
>Change - I like change. Keep changing your templates for variety. Or, Hell no, you force us to read your blog and keep changing designs so we have to adjust our eyes every time! Who do you think you are?!!

The new template makes it difficult to read.

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