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Khera School of Motor Driving

Ohk, so after 2 months of not being able to decide whether to learn how to drive in India or not, I decided to go ahead with it anyway. Dad had recommended to go to America and learn left hand driving instead of first learning right-hand drive and trying to switch. According to him, switching driving sides involves a bit of un-learing which can sometimes be painful. But a few days ago, I thought, what the heck?, and called up Khera driving school to fix an appointment.
Today, was my first class. The trainer came in a run-down Santro whose dash-board was cracked, had no wipers and one window failed to close after I'd opened it. Connected to the clutch and brake pedals were rods which ended in another clucth and brake in front of the trainer's seat, next to the driver's. Thus, the trainer could control the brake and clutch as well. Today, when the trainer came it started raining. No, raining would be an understatement; it started pouring. Now the car had no wipers, so we had to wait for the rain to lighten a bit. But I finally got to drive within the colony after an hour's wait. Today, I just had to control the accelerator and steering; the trainer took care of the braking and gear switching.

A terrible thing happened today when I was learning how to drive. Some girls' college in my colony had just dispersed. Not to mention that it was still slightly raining. I almost ran the car up a tree when I started looking out the window once! Girls should be banned from the road when boys are learning how to drive. Especially girls in the rain. I mean, I wouldn't want this to happen to me:

Interesting experience, keep sharing... !

~ Twish ~

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