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I'm not Lax

Nikhil Agarwal called up yesterday (like every other day - not that I'm complaining, it's nice of him to keep in touch) and commented that I was getting lax in updating my blog. The truth is that I was really busy between 29th June and 3rd July since so many relatives were over. And frankly, the last few days have been rather bland. I am surprised how the site's counter went from 540 to 630 in four days (wow, people have actually started to read my stuff), so I decided to go ahead and update this page anyways.

Abhinav is in Delhi (we're old friends from DPS Patna, he was in Goa for the past two years). Aneesh and I had to go meet him today, but Aneesh suddenly ran off to Karnaal to some relatives and I didn't have Abhinav's phone number. When I finally managed to get it (it took me a good two hours and many contacts), I called him up to learn that he is leaving for NIT the day after (wonder why he chose NIT over St Stephen's). Today, he is at his Chacha's in Noida, so that leaves me with only tomorrow to meet him. And tomorrow is going to be a really hectic day - Predepature Orientation at the American Center from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm and Priyanka's Sis's marriage in the evening. Abhinav too has to pick up his mom from the train station sometime tomorrow, but we'll both try to somehow squeeze in a half-hour to meet up after two years.

Went out to buy some things for Golu's room. Golu is my cousin by the way who will stay with us for the next two years - he's doing his 11th and 12th from some school in Delhi. He's Golu only for nickname's sake, actually he's thinner than Avinash and two inches taller than me. Golu's parents (Mama/Mami) left a couple of minutes back. They left me richer by a pair of really cool shoes and some other stuff.

I've been pestered into this by ankit.i had earlier congratulated him on his new design and great blog when we were chatting.But he wanted a formal comment.
And that's what he got!!!

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