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The Height of Boredom

Oh Boy, I'm bored. Very bored. Very, very bored.
Oh, yeah, where was I?
So, I'm, like, at home right now. And I'm bored. Very Bored. Oh heck, you get the idea. Why did I keep the blog's caption, '...because sometimes a boring life can be interesting'. It should be more like, 'well most of the time its just plain boring'.
Anyways, yesterday was no different. I called up Rahul and Sana (who are still in Delhi) to see if they had any bright ideas on what to do. Superman, Kkrish, Ice Age 2, MI3, I had seen. Chup Chup Ke, Rahul had seen. Phir Hera Pheri, Sana had seen. The only movie left was 'When a stranger returns (A)', but that was only playing in Saket -- and as usual, Saket, at Rs. 150 a ticket plus transport plus food (we eat alot), is a bit expensive. Sangam, Chanakya and Priya were more like our range, but they were all showing Kkrish. What I love about these guys is that like me, they're often short on cash. While few of the RKP hostlers learnt how to manage their money in their years there, we just learnt how to spent it all in the first few days of the month and spend the rest of the month as total misers. Sana, after having spent thousands of bucks in R World, playing Counterstrike, is now too bankrupt to afford decent accomodation (our batch had to leave the hostel latest by June 15th). So now he's living in the dorm of some Aashram waiting for St. Stephen's classes to start on July 14th.
Anyways, with nothing better to do, we met at Priya where, after great thought, we decided to play pool at eighty bucks an hour. We spent the rest of our remaining cash on food, eating till we had only change left in our pockets. With no more money for an auto, we took the bus to our homes.

Priyanka's Sis's marriage on the 7th. Priyanka invited me for a dance n some skit to be enacted on that day (to practice for which I would have to go to her house today n tomorrow). I think that was a really noble gesture by her, especially considering how bored I am. Alas, I have to go out with Mama/Mami who want to get some stuff while they are in Delhi; Dad is behind me to listen to some Economics lectures recorded on tape; and I, well, am not a very good dancer.

kya kar raha hai mote...m in patna abhi...keep bloggin..really njoy rdin 'em!!


hey ankit i invited u to CP. 5 of us met there

ankit yaar,
no need 2 say u r doin a gud job. keep blogging. it was fun going thru it. just write sumthin more abt d dips diary.waise zeeshan ke comment se yaad aaya. r u doin sumthin or i expect d same bubbly motu as chintulal.

When a stranger CALLS.. not returns..or if its is returns.. then ive not heard of it.the former.. nice movie though.. good suspense ..except the ending. Camilla Belle is soooo pretty.

rishabh, you invited me to CP?? i thought the message said to watch superman. i had already seen superman. so i didnt come. :(

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