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Fighting the Block

Reports suggest that the government issued orders to the ISPs to block only four selective *.blogspot.com domains. The ISPs though, blocked the entire IP address on which all blogspot blogs are stored, possibly because this is the easiest way of blocking sites and much less resource consuming than the packet ban which would enable specific sub-domains to be blocked.

Anyways, the media has given some attention to the issue. Hindustan Times, Delhi published a front-page article and devoted the entire page 11 to the ban. On TV, NDTV and CNN-IBN have been running small reports from time to time.

Today, I along with a handful of bloggers, met at the India Habitat Center on Lodi Road to meet up with a reporter from NDTV and express our opinions. Soon, CNN-IBN had arrived on the spot too, and so had BBC radio. I was the only student there (rest were all working in the computer science field and blogged as a hobby). We now have confirmation of three RTIs filed with the Dept. of Telecommunication. Our opinions should be aired tonight between 8pm-10pm on NDTV and CNN-IBN.

Meanwhile, Prateek Joseph, some other reporter from NDTV, called up with an invitation to the famous NDTV show, The Big Fight on Saturday. The topic for the program is "Has UPA's foreign policy failed?". He also asked if I could get some people for "Face the Music" with Vir Sangvi tomorrow. More on that after I've seen the show.

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