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BLOG FOR SALE! and other tid-bits of the day

  • Technocrati measures my blog to be worth $1,129.08 !!! (See Sidebar) Now I know my blog is really priceless, but I'm ready to sell it for half that price. Eager webmasters, contact me at ankit.webmaster@gmail.com, and we'll work the transaction details out. :-)
  • Second day driving class. Still controlling only accelerator and steering but now on the main roads.
  • Wrote a 'keep up the great work' kinda e-mail to Professor Timothy Tailor, the lecturer of the recorded Teaching Company economics lectures I'm listening to. Got a polite thank you reply from him where he also explained some differences I might find between recorded lectures and an actual economics lecture in college.
  • Today, while playing badminton at Aneesh's house, I found out why it makes sense to play football in the rain, but not badminton. It's cause in football, you have to look down at the ball, while in badminton you look up at the shuttle and drops start falling into your eyes. While playing I licked the raindrops off my lips.
  • "Hey Aneesh, how come rain tastes salty?"
    "Rain doesn't taste salty, sweat does."

i'll buy ur blog if you buy mine :):):):)
i'll also sell mine at half the price ;);)

hmmm, and I was willing to give mine away. Oh well...... gud luk !
God Bless

well i wont buy it ever and miss such nice posts.
i really loved this post..
keep posting.

thanx aniket,
and keep coming back 4 (even during the next four years) and find out what i'll go thru @ duke.

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