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Apart from the Pre-Departure Orientation

1. Abhinav forgot (forgot!) to meet me yesterday. Either he's forgetful, or I'm not memorable enough. I couldn't reach him when I called him up in the day (after USEFI's thing) and when I finally reached him in the night, he seemed extremely grieved at this mistake and promised to make up for it by coming over to my house today morning - despite the fact that he had his train for Trichi today at 1 pm (he's joining NIT Trichi). Nevertheless, he kept his promise and dropped by at nine. He still has the same old accent and the askew corner front tooth. He's grown slightly plump too. We talked about life in general and how scattered our once close-knit DPS Patna gang has become, with everybody going off to different places. We talked about how, in Patna, we would spend spend two to three hours on the phone each day, planning what to study that day and discussing what we had already read. At times, one of us would call up the other, "hey, don't start history yet -- there's this really cool movie on HBO which I'm watching. why don't you watch it too." One day before the science exam (10th boards), "Do you realize we still haven't done the CBSE sample papers? Let's do it now." And we would do the whole paper over the phone. Tends to bring nostalgia for the old times. Waaaaaaah. I miss DPSP. And I'll miss RKP too, esp the hostel.

2. Attended Priyanka's Sis's marriage. Was at her home yesterday evening. Other dipsites were there too. Among those who I knew (and who knew me), included Dhruv Khattar, Aditi Mishra, Rahat Sud and Nikhil Dua. I say 'and who knew me' for there were other faintly familiar faces from school who I didn't really know.

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