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Saw XXX2

Saw XXX2: State of the Union from one of the DVDs. Terrible movie. Saying anything about it will be a waste of my time and yours. Basically, the US Head of Security comes up with a plot to kill the president (the plot requires secretly transporting tanks and helicopters via an aircraft carrier and then killing the president with a pistol). The director NSA and another security guy have no idea who to go to so they pick up this punk from jail who crashes out of jail full of patriotism, scoops up a dozen more punks, who then together fight their way through tanks, choppers and tons of troops and save the President from being shot by his own armed personnel. Whoopee! Van Diesel (from XXX 1) was so much better than Ice Cube who looks more like a household sweetie in this movie.

watch the Godfather trilogy ... you will love it.

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