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Mission Impossible 3

Ankita had described MI3 as fun and funny. And it was just that. Except that Mission Impossible movies are not supposed to be funny.
It had been near 20 days since the movie had been released, and worried that the movie would soon be taken down from the halls, I finally went to see the film today with Aneesh. The movie is great for all its action, but it does have it's down side. The story complexity in the MI movies has been decreasing with each movie: MI had a very complicated storyline with crosses, double-crosses and triple-crosses; MI2 had a pretty straight-forward storyline; and MI3 didn't have any storyline. Agent Ethan Hunt raises a hue and cry over his wife and some weapon called the 'Rabbit's Foot', but we never even come to know what the Rabbit's Foot actually is. Also when a car explodes behind Cruise (seen in trailer as well; pic on left, trailer HERE), he gets thrown to the side. And no matter how cute an agent's wife is, she'll never be allowed in any Top Secret US facillity or building as Ethan Hunt's wife is at the end.
However the movie gives you exactly what it promises: two hours of pure mindless, mind-blowing action. (see trailer HERE, watch movie HERE).

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