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Media Polls

Sometimes, I'm surprised at the absurdity of news channel polls. A few minutes ago Times Now showed a thirty minute video on how Germany was the world favorite for this year's world cup. It showed a clip of the coach of Germany expressing his confidence in the team. Then it showed Germans and German fans praising the team. And after all this German glorification Times Now holds an SMS poll: Do you think Germany will win this year's world cup? And ten minutes later, when the results come out, an enthusiastic newsreader reads: "See, even the public agrees with us; they believe Germany will win this year's world cup!"
On another note, I've been seeing a number of Mission Impossible 3 trailers. Of course, since the movie released today in India, that should not be astonishing. What is surprising though, is that none of these trailers are by Paramount Pictures. One is by DHL, "DHL celebrates MI3"; one is by some clothing company, "Get into style with MI3"; and one is by Nokia.

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