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Gathering Reading Material

I have been very vella over the past few days (and you can see that from the fact that I actually wrote 200 words on IE 7). So I decided to go get some good books, for I don't know when next I'll have so much spare reading time. I remembered some very very big book shop I once saw from the car, but neither Dad nor I could recollect the exact location. So acting on a hunch we went to South-Ex. Ultimately we couldn't find the shop we were looking for and ended up driving to Dad's favourite bookshop, Teksons. We also saw The Bookworm on the way but that was on the opposite side of the road. Anyways, we had stopped in Reebok on the way to buy Dad a pair of sneakers, and as a result it was already eight when we reached Teksons and the shop was on the verge of closing for the day. Reluctantly, we turned around and started to leave when Dad saw a sign for Midland bookstore. Though Midland looks tiny from the outside it is actually of a pretty decent size, for the shop continues into the basement.

I had left home with the aim of buying books of new authors this time, authors apart from Robin Cook, Sidney Sheldon, Alistair Maclean and Archer, in an attempt to widen my reading base. So when I entered Midland I straight-away lunged for the fiction shelf and picked up a Jeffrey Archer (Honor Among Thieves), an Alistair Maclean (Fear is the Key) and the sixth Harry Potter (yes, I still haven't read it). Feeling guilty though, I decided to buy something else too and upon Dad's suggestion bought Ayn Rand's 'The Fountainhead'. And on the way out I also spotted the Artemis Fowl series and bought the first two (four Artemis Fowls have been published so far and I plan to buy the other two if I like these). Dad, on the other hand, got 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail', 'Blink - The Power of thinking without thinking' and 'How to Read a Book'. I found the title of the last book slightly self-contradictory to its format of a book, for if one doesn't know how to read a book how is he supposed to read that one?
Anyways these nine books should be enough to keep me busy for the next week.
And if anyone knows the name of that very very very big book shop I saw somewhere in Delhi (sorry, I don't have any more details) please tell me.

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