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FIFA World Cup 2006

The World Cup is here, and everybody seems to be cashing in with ads like that of IBM's Lenovo sporting Ronaldiniho or Maruti Swift playing ball (it's slogan? Wanna Play?!).
It would have seem inappropriate if this blog didn't follow suit. Hence the World Cup logo.

Anyways, the Italy vs. USA match was just drawn 1-1. And though wild things are known to happen with Italy around, this game definitely got out of hand. With everybody pushing and shoving and kicking like kids fighting over a birthday toy, the referee started distributing colorful cards like confetti. The game saw one goal by Italy, another own goal by Italy, 37 fouls, 18 shots, 16 off-sides (almost all by Italy), 3 Yellow Cards, 3 Red Cards, 1 American bleeding in the face (McBride, seen in photo, hit by De Rossi, resulted in De Rossi's red card), and finally ending with just 9 American Players vs. 10 Italians. Wewf! However, the commentators believe that apart from De Rossi's red card, the other two were way too harsh on the referee's part.

Oh, and speaking about football, Sid mailed me the other day with this really hilarious NIKE ad that was telecast during EURO 2004. Watch the clip HERE. (Do See It)
When you've seen that watch another funny clip on the football fever HERE.

Hey people, be sure to check out the World Cup Special Links on the side. I thought they were pretty cool.

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