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Essex Farms

Went to Essex Farms (for the first time) today. Rishabh, Sidharth, Shashank, Kritika, Ankur, n Priyanka came too. For 150 rupees you get to play all the screen arcade video games you want plus one game of bowling. All the screen arcade video games sucked. Bowling was fun though. Though the last and only time I had bowled was at a friend's Bday party in America in grade 3, I was actually leading the score till about middle of the game today. Then my luck started wearing off and I finished fourth.
Was feeling thirsty. Went to the snack counter there. Asked for Coke. Counterman said the 300 ml Coke was for 20 rupees. I told him that a 300ml bottle has printed MRP at Rs 10. He said that they didn't serve it in a bottle. So I paid the money, and he proceeded to take out a bottle, empty it into a plastic glass and hand the glass over. (note: interesting as this may seem, what he did was perfectly legal. Though you may never charge more than the printed Maximum Retail Price for something, you may charge for the service, say pouring it out in a glass).
Played pool too. I played exceptionally well for somebody who hardly plays pool (won one out of three games against Ankur and Kritika). The fact that those too were amateurs too might have had something to do with it though.

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