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DIPS Diary 05-06

So, it's finally out. The diary has turned out very well, and as always, is very professionally done. Many agree that it is atleast ten times better than last year's (you can learn more about last year's DIPS Diary and see a cover shot HERE). However, as always the magazine has its ups and downs. And though we, in the Ed-Board, selected and edited the content, and designed many pages with the printers, a lot was beyond our control -- for a lot had to be approved. In fact, quite a number of the pages we had designed were later changed (esp. the page backgrounds for the first few sections). This year Udita Ma'am and Atika Ma'am were placed teacher-in-charge of the magazine as Ms. Mamta Sharma had to go to Germany in between.

The Pros:
Professionally done. Thick, Glossy Pages. Great content.
Since this year, for the first time, we had a separate magazine for 11th and 12th, the literature is definately more mature. (Do take time out to read the literature section guys).
The Music Section is also very well done with its royal black background superimposed with band pictures. On a lighter note, in an interview with the band Parikrama (pg. 119), Kriti (co-editor) asks, "Do you have any message for the readers of the DIPS Diary?". Parikrama replies,

Use your phones for 'communication' purposes only.

He He (snicker).
The Class photos also look great over the green-red background. For the first time this year, we had class photos of the 12thies and 11thies (lucky class 11!)
The Horroscope is humorous, and so is our Vice-Principal's (Deepa Raghavan Maam's) write-up on SUPWs.

The Cons: Though many people liked the cover, I believe I've seen better covers. Every year the school magazine comes out with dumb covers. Now I know why. It's because many good ones never get approved. So who approves the cover? Well, who else but our own H'onourable Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Shyama Chona (don't forget: Awarded Padamshiri by the President). On a side note, it's not-so-surprising that I forget Lata Mangeshkar got a Padamshiri, but fail to forget that our principal (honorable and Dr. and Mrs.) got one and that too by the President (ooooh! - as if somebody else awards Padamshiris too).
This year over 20 covers were rejected, red ones and blue ones, good ones and very good ones, ones with ambigrambs (that read DIPS DIARY both right-side-up and up-side-down) and ones without. Let's look at some of those rejected (click on the images for a larger view):

All of the above covers were to be printed with metallic colors (do click on the covers for a good look, esp. the 3rd and 4th ones with the film strips - and see the photos in the film strips).

And what's the obsession with 'the cutting edge'? Last year we had the magazine title as 'Life at the cutting edge'. This year we were specifically told (by you know who) to title it, 'Life at the Winning Edge'. As you can see the final product has a shittier message, 'Cutting Edge to the Winning Edge'. Geez. Who thinks of these stuff? As Arjun Davar (a photo editor) once pointed out:
Next we'll have the Grinding Edge, then Chopping Edge, and maybe Shredding Edge and so on. And in the last year, we can write, 'Any fruit salad made?!!'

OKAY, so enough bitching about the cover (it's not that bad anyways).
Earlier today, when I showed the magazine to a friend's mother she first reacted, "Why is there so much of Madam Chona?" And I replied, "Well, we do have to get the magazine approved, you know..."
In the first 19 pages of the magazine, our principal appears 21 times, out of which 3 photographs are solo and 2 are a page big. One one page about her there is a balloon like you see in those advertising brochures:
Total Awards Till Date 100which is really funny if you ask me because in last year's Dips Diary (page 3, edition 1, Interview with Principal) Ma'am said that she had received 192 awards already by last year. And now she has 100?

The Editors Speak pages (with the editors' words) and the head boys/girls messages have been cut down. Traditionally, the 4 editors got two pages and the four head boys/girls got another two. This year, both had been shortened to fit one page each (eg. one page for all 4 editors). And I found that pretty irritating since pages were incresed to include more and more staff and an entire section on the Principal. Right now, I can think of at least ten completely useless pages (including pages 115, 116, 117 and the last page) that could be cut down instead of Editors Speak.
When the Principal was proofreading the HOD's page, she was like, 'why not get write-ups about this teacher and that teacher'. As a result, 5 random teachers have 500 words of praise each about them. There should be one on Hussain Sir :-(

Chandini's Map of the school has not been included, and so have not two awesome posters by the students. With so many pages added on the staff and teachers (all at the last moment by our principal) the diary looks more like a staff brochure. And many backgrounds have been changed from the colors the Ed-Board consented on, to dull whitish ones.

Don't get me wrong, I love the DIPS Diary. (I helped make it after all). The quality of articles and content truly make this one of the best Dips Diaries. But I believe some things could have been better. If only the school gave the Ed-Board more freedom...

Anyways, the magazine is great, and thanks to the Ed-Board, esp. Sneha, Kriti, Pushpanjali and Suprateek for that. Atika Ma'am too has been a great help throughout. Chandini for the Music Section (well done!) and Siddharth for his wit.

Dude the diary sucks big time!

Hmm.. ur a dipsite. PROVED!


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