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OK, so I managed to squeeze in all the classes I wanted.

See in Duke you have to decide your classes quite early. For me, that means NOW. Now, that is, at least for the first semester.

Though the actual registration for courses begins on 12th July at 12pm EST US time (2am IST), the classes fill up so quickly, that a one minute delay in selecting a class that day may devoid you of that class for the entire semester. So before the 26th of this month, you can go online to the Duke site and stuff your courses into what they call, 'the bookbag'. And the instant registration opens that fateful day in July, you hit submit, and the site will attempt to register the courses in your bookbag for you. If, unfortunately, a course in your bookbag is no longer available, all is not lost - you have a secondary bookbag with your second most desired courses. Pick a course from that then.

Anyways, so I have successfully planned my bookbag (with a little help from Dad and Mili). Now Engineering requirements dictate me to take one Chem and one Engineering (EGR53), so those are decided. I took one Econ so that I can switch from Engineering to Econ if I desire later. And there's also a Math course and EGR10 (which is only a half credit and a complete joke). Now I sat down with the aim of trying to get classes on the East Campus (near the freshman dorms) and trying to get all classes in the morning (guess a bit of high-school kid is still in me). What I ended up instead is with 12 of 13 classes on West and classes way into the afternoon.
My current bookbag looks like this:
(Click on image for larger view)
Very packed Mondays and Fridays as you can see.
Anyways, so I won't be sleeping that morning on the 12th of July, waiting for that fateful |Submit| button to appear.

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