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Artemis Fowl

Just finished the first of Artemis Fowl, which I had started an hour after breakfast. Have started the second one. The first book was OK -- definitely NOT the oh-so-amazing-i-would-die-without-book some fans claim it to be. Like Eragon, John Grishams and the later hefty editions of Harry Potter, you are compelled to read on just to know what ultimately happens at the end -- NOT due to an interest in the plot. And frankly, such books give me more of a headache and less of a feeling of satisfaction of having completed a good novel. Oh and sorry for all you John Grisham fans out there, I hate his books -- they are slow and lackluster. Of course, a good critic wouldn't generalize the comment for all Grishams after having read only one, but what can I say - I am not a very good critic. Either that, or the John Grisham I read was so terrible that though I rarely leave a half-read book, I had to leave that one in the middle. And I am pretty confident it was the latter reason. By the way, the Grisham that I half-read is considered to be one of his best. Wonder what his worst are like...
Why can't these authors learn from the likes of Dan Brown and Jeffrey Archer?

I am continuing with the second Artemis Fowl, hoping it is more involving. All authors have their good and bad books, and I'm hoping Artemis Fowl and the Artic Incident is better than its prequel. Talking about an author's good and bad books, I still remember the first Alistair Maclean I read, 'The Golden Rendezvous' was so compelling, I read on and on in the bathroom, during the middle of the night, and god knows where else, till the story ended. (It took me so long cause I could only read ten pages at a time as I had to hide from Dad who wanted me to study something else.) And another Maclean which I read (something about a plane crashing in the artic) was so boring that I felt like trashing the book after a hundred pages -- the only fact that prevented me from doing so was that it belonged to the school's library.

Wishing me luck for the second Fowl...

first q
how many people actually read ur blog?
though i might say its quite a nice blog.

ok comin to the topic arti fowl
yes the second is definitely better
i myself read the second one first
the third one is the best(this one is a must read!)
the fourth one was probably the same as the first(not as cool as the

i dunno.. but as you can see, the counter has crossed 250, and that doesnot include the number of times i saw the site as i have programmed the counter to reject my IP address.
and yes the second artemis fowl was better.

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