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500 hits and more

The Site's Counter's crossed 500 and I'm having a really good time. Two completely unrelated statements of course (well, not necessarily, but they are). And by the way, its 500 not counting my visits for the counter excludes my IP addresses.
Kkrish, by the way, is a terrible movie. Only the last half-hour is bearable. In fact, it is not till 2.5 hours have passed that Kkrish gets a mask. And it is not till he gets his mask that we are introduced to evil Naseeruddin Shah's evilish plan. And logically, it is not till we see the evilish plan that Kkrish begins with all the action and chasses the bad guy, Shah. Till then all Kkrish does is dress like tarzan and serenade Priyanka Chopra. So we have a superman who dresses like Tarzan, jumps like Neo, falls in love like Shah Rukh Khan, and and dances like Shahid Kapoor. Oh, by the way, Kkrish's father, Rohit (from Koi Mil Gaya) is alive; so we basically have a double role by Hritik Roshan. Superman is to be released tomorrow. I hope we don't meet Lex Luthor at the end of the movie.
Mahendra mama & family (mami, Sinni and Golu) are here. Nikku didi has come too. We went to Metropolitan, Gurgaon today (Mohan bhaiya from IIT D and Sohan bhaiya came along too) . The usual food court and bowling at amoeba were in order. But is was pretty late by the time we went for bowling and amoeba was about to close in half an hour, so we all bowled in separate alleys. Once amoeba had closed and we had been shooed out of the parlour, I saw the amoeba guys proceed to play their own round of bowling :-(. Anyways, we're back now, its late and time to sleep.

i think ur talking crap..critics like you wont realize how much hard work went into the movie...

hard work goes into every movie... that doesn't mean that one cannot dislike a particular movie. For one to be a critic on a movie (or any work for that matter) one need not be a director, he only needs to be a viewer. That would be like saying only authors can read and comment on books.
A lot of hard work probably went into X-Men 3 too; but I believe that was a good movie...

And do leave your name next time you drop by, i would like to know some of Hritik's die-hard fans.

and what do you mean by 'critics like you'? I am very sorry to say this, but people like you have probably never seen a good movie in their life.

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