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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Da Gurgaon Adventure

OK.. today was definitely not my kind of day. IIT-JEE results came out, and among the DPS Patna boys who had come to RKP, only two got in. Of course, I hadn't given the test n neither had Aparajit (he's medical). Nobody was crestfallen though (they were well-prepared for this!) and we all decided to go to the Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon to watch the Da Vinci Code. Raad Halim, who had just come from Kota, came along too. Grishma, of course would reach the mall separately. Aparajit mentioned that it was unfair how many of us would go to Gurgaon to meet GR and she never came to Delhi. I made a mental note of the point and decided that I would express my annoyance at her when we reached the mall. So Arup, Nishith, Aneesh, Kumar Abhishek, and Raad left early; Afzal, Aparajit n I were a little late and took another bus from Daula Kuan.

So the bus was jam-packed (enough people for ATLEAST two busses), and standing in the crowd, the three of us forgot to take tickets. Then on the Gurgaon border the DTC officers got on the bus, made us get down and fined us. There was too much of a crowd on the bus for him to check everybody, but unfortunately for us, we were standing right at the front. Anyways, one officer took pity on us and gave us only two tickets (instead of three) and so we got away sans Rs. 200. Combine the cost of the auto from RKP to Daula Kuan and the Rickshaw from where we got down in Gurgaon to Metropolitan, it cost the three of us 245 rupees to Gurgaon.
Jeez. And in the heat of the excitement, I forgot how displeased I was supposed to be at GR.

So anyways, the ticket for the DaVinci Code cost 150 rupees instead of 125 like in other PVRs and 70 at Priya. Needless to say, my financial resources were depleting much faster than I had anticipated. The only good that came out of all this, was that the movie was actually very good (almost as good as yesterday's X-Men, but then again, the two movies are of different genres).

And when we decided to come back at 5 pm, it was raining terribly. So we had to wait for an hour for the cloudburst to calm down before we could leave. (Poor Aparajit, he had to meet some girl at Priya at 6!) And when we finally left, we got on an over-crowded DTC bus (again!) which broke down on the way due to being terribly overloaded. So everybody got off and then the bus started. And then everybody got on and the bus slugged its way through bumper-to-bumper traffic to Delhi. Raad and I countered boredom by sticking our head out of the bus window and asking the time from uncles/aunties/didis in the car/bike next to us. We got off in front of Qutub Minar (which looked more like a gigantic dick-shaped shadow in the night) and took an auto to RKP reaching home, finally, at 9:30 pm.

Why couldn't we just go to Priya?

Bedtime Verdict

Living the hostel life for the past two years, my biological clock adjusted so that I would doze off no earlier than three am and get up at ten or eleven. Unfortunately, this did not suit my Dad, who goes to sleep early in the night and leaves for office even before I'm awake! So to maximize on the father-son 'quality time' spent together, I was told to follow a maxim, 'Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes a Man Healthy and Wise.'
I responded with another motto, 'Early to Rise, Early to Bed, Makes Man Healthy, but Socially Dead.'
Something tells me I wasn't heard.

PS: I heard they even serve mid-night snacks at Duke during exam weeks!! Yea!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

X-Men 3


Saw the X Men 3: The Last Stand at PVR Naraina with Anurag (Newton), Avinash, Afzal (Chacha), Puneet (Ghoda), Ravi (Baba), Keshav, and Shreyan. Though Avinash n Shreyan had left the hostel already, they were here to give DCE today. Many of the others also planned to leave the hostel after the 31st.
Anyways, the movie was amazing, definitely better than the first two (though Mili, who IMed me later, did not agree). I thought the plots of the 1st two were pretty petty compared to the third one. Anyways, the effects were simply amazing (I haven't seen effects like this since the Matrix).
Some cool dialogues:
Once Magneto ripped the entire san fransisco bridge out of its foundation and turned it to join the island of alcatraz.
Magneto: Charles always wanted to build bridges.
Its funny how they keep on changing the actress for Shadowcat in every X-Men movie. In this one it was this cute girl named Ellen Page.
Juggernaut (to Shadowcat): Don't you know who I am? I'm the Juggernaut, bitch.
Another one:
Logan: Who's the furball?
Beast (Dr. Hank McCoy): Hank McCoy, Secretary of Mutant Affairs
Logan: Right, right. Secretary. Nice suit.
Professor X (Prof Charles Xavier): Henry, this is Logan. He's, uh...
Beast: Wolverine. I hear you are quite an animal.
Logan: Look who's talkin'.
The fight scenes were extrodinary, especially since a 1000 odd mutants with all kinds of powers took part. By the end of this movie, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Prof. X n many others are dead and Storm becomes the principal of the Xavier institute. A few days before Prof. X dies:
Prof X (to Storm): You of all the people, know how fast the weather can change.
After the movie, I realized that I had not taken the X-shaped promotional pamphlet (which basically had photos and power details of all the mutants) from the counter when we had bought tickets. So I went back to the counter and got one, and everybody else followed suit. Avinash, Shreyan n Afzal went back to the hostel whereas Newton, Ghoda, Keshav n I proceeded to Krips (in Priya; yes we went all the way to Priya from Naraina) to eat the usual Butter Chicken n Nan. Then we all bid each other farewell n we returned home. And to our dismay, we all forgot our pamphlets back at the restaurant.

Monday, May 29, 2006

The Beginning

Oh K. So I finally begin my blog. Should have done this two years ago; alot of interesting things happen in the RKP hostel. But again, due to the absence of computers, there was no way I could keep updating the site then. So now I am home. The new home in Delhi. Thanks to my parents who shifted here two months ago. In a way, I'm glad they didn't come here two years earlier instead. Would have been deprived of the tremendous hostel experience. I'll keep u uptodate with stuff that happens around me. And once in a while go into flashbacks to give u a sip of the DPS Boys Hoste;.

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